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A koala sitting in a tree

Ways you can help Koalas

Due to habitat loss, koalas are more likely to move through developed areas to find food trees or mates. They have to crossroads and move through properties where they may be attacked by dogs or drown in backyard swimming pools. Disease also threatens them.

A koala and their joey on a road

Koalas on roads

Koala hospital records show that more than 300 koalas are killed on the roads in South East Queensland each year. Many more deaths are likely to go unreported.

Ways to help:

Slow down when you see a koala crossing sign

Report injured or dead koalas on the roadside

Keep a wildlife rescue kit in your boot

A dog sitting next to a toy koala

Koalas and dogs

Dogs are one of the biggest threats koalas face. Koalas don’t regard our dogs as predators, and this can leave them in a dangerous position if they encounter them.

Ways to help:

Keep your dog inside at night

Create koala-friendly fencing

Train your dog in wildlife aversion

A koala climbing the top of a fence

Koalas and backyards

Koalas cross backyards, lawns, bushland, sporting fields, golf courses, roads, footpaths and open areas to find food trees and mates. Koalas on the ground are vulnerable.

Ways to help:

Make your pool koala safe

Create koala friendly fencing

Plant koala friendly food trees

Keep your dog inside at night

A koala looking down from high in a tree

Koalas and disease

Chlamydia, a bacterial infection, is one of the leading causes of death for koalas. If left untreated, chlamydia can cause infertility and permanent blindness.

Ways to help:

Learn the signs of a sick or injured koala

Report a sick or injured koala

Reporting koala sightings

Reporting all koala sightings provides essential data for habitat management, population monitoring,  threat mitigation, and education. Reporting all sightings contributes to the health of koalas and their habitats. 

Ways to help:

Report your koala sightings

Report a sick or injured koala

Other ways you can help

A person helping a small koala to eat


A new born koala in the hands of a person

Adopt a koala

A fluffy koala in a tree


Resources to help protect koalas

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