A koala lookout out in a tree
Credit: Moreton Bay Koala Rescue

Saving sick, injured, and orphaned koalas across the Moreton Bay region.

Written by: Karin Machell, Advocacy Chief for Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc.

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc. (MBKR) is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation involved in the direct rescue and care of injured, sick or orphaned koalas across the Moreton Bay Region, including Caboolture, Redcliffe and Pine Rivers.

MBKR’s passionate team of rescuers are dedicated to saving the koala, giving up many hours of their time, often with interrupted sleep, putting emotional investment into every aspect of care for the animals they rescue.

All rescued koalas are immediately transported to registered Wildlife Hospitals for ongoing care and treatment, like Scampi the 5-year-old male koala.

A koala clinging to the side of a tree
Photo © Queensland Government

Scampi was rescued from Rothwell by Moreton Bay Koala Rescue and put into the care of Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Centre. Unfortunately, Scampi had been hit by a car and was bleeding from his paws and face.

He had trauma to his left foot and needed treatment by the vets at the centre. After three weeks of TLC, Scampi was released back into his home, where he is back to enjoying his favourite eucalyptus leaves.

In the past few years, Moreton Bay Koala Rescue have reported an increase in dog attacks and car hits.

The organization passionately advocates for the appropriate retention of koala habitat within the Moreton Bay Region.

A koala being held in a blanket by Moreton Bay Koala Rescue
Credit: Moreton Bay Koala Rescue

If you see a koala in the region, please report the sighting.

You can contact Moreton Bay Koala Rescue at 0401 080 333.

If you would like to join the rescue in their endeavours you can contact secretary@moretonbaykoalarescue.org to learn more about volunteering.

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1 year ago

Why are koalas released in the same area they are injured. Surely this is going to lead to their eventual demise. I know they have their patch but can’t we fence these ‘patches’ or release in a fenced area. There are no safe places in suburbia any more. Can’t we take them out of harm’s way instead of placing them back in it.